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|Frequently Asked Questions|

Is it safe to mount a MagMonstr on My Car? 

Well,  Yes...  The MagMonstR was originally designed to hold a goPro camera on top of a car while storm chasing.  With proper placement, the mount does quite well with a "goPro" sized camera up to 90mph.


With that being said, driving with the MagMonstR on your vehicle is


A heavier camera, or not mounting the magnet to the car properly could potentially result in damage to your camera, car, and others on the road. 


We encourage you to read our Magnet Mounting Safety Guide before any use of your MagMonstR.

MagMonstR is not responsible for misuse of the magnet resulting in damage or injury. 


Will the MagMonstR eventually lose its magnetism?

Nope!  MagMonstR magnets are permanent neodymium magnets, some of the strongest available in the world.  The MonstR strength of these magnets can never be tamed! 

How Strong is this magnet?

These magnets have a rated pull strength of 110lbs.  That means, if you were to attach this magnet upside-down to bare iron, you could hang 110lbs of weight from it until it finally gave free.   

That also means... keep your fingers from getting between the MonstR and it's metal.  

Will the Magnetic field damage my camera?  

The magnetic field of MagMonstR magnets will not affect your camera as long as you have the camera attached to the ball head.  

Will the Magnetic field damage my Memory card?  

No.  SD cards and MicroSD cards use flash memory, which is not affected by magnetism.  

Hard Disks - Floppy Disks and Magnetic Strips on credit cards however... keep your MagMonstR away from those. 

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